The Substance Belongs to Christ

The substance belongs to Christ. We must bear our crosses and deny ourselves for the lives we lived are dead and we have been raised to Christ, through baptism. Our appeal to God, through Christ, is for a clean conscience. The passions of the flesh wage war against the soul but these passions are but shadows. The substance belongs to Christ. Therefore, having fastened on the whole armor of God, we must stand firm. And our toiling must be done with all of His strength that He wondrously works within us.

We ought to set our minds on Christ, preparing them for actions, with our hope fully in the revelation of Christ, making our minds sober and determined to work good in all circumstances. As Christ’s word dwells richly in us. Let us bear fruit in keeping with righteousness as we abide in the vine. Us in Him and He in us. His Spirit leading and guiding, comforting and counseling, convicting and correcting, empowering and enabling. So that all times God the Father may receive glory through Jesus Christ, the Messiah.