An Open Letter

Some of you may have heard the sad and shocking news that came out in West Michigan last week. An accomplished Christian radio DJ was arrested on 1st and 2nd degree CSC. I was horrified and appalled to read the details of the case. I was challenged and angry.

I had to spend time praying and seeking God’s heart.

After a few days, I realized what God wanted me to bring out of this terrible tragedy.

The heart of Father God is with those boys and girls enslaved in sex trafficking. This is a disgusting “practice” that should not exist in our world. I would imagine that many Christians felt betrayed by this story. However, the simple truth is that in all walks of life, there are men and women who are indulging in their sick desire for sexual gratification. These people fuel the demand for child prostitution. And this story highlights that even in West Michigan, this despicable trade of innocent children is thriving.

In light of this story, I would like to write an open letter and in the words of Beautiful Eulogy:

Dear whoever has ears to hear,

Please do not let this story become about the selfish actions of a Christian radio DJ. Please do not get stuck in a hate and reject cycle for this man. Please, please, please, fight to set the children free that are enslaved in prostitution and pornography. These are children that could be the same age as your kids. These are children who did not choose to be violated, they did not choose to end up in hotels with older men, with older women. These are not children who chose to have their innocence decimated, their will crushed, and their bodies mutilated.

Please, dear church, let this story intrude in your lives. Please let this story break your heart. Please research ways to fight human trafficking in your area. Please become informed. Please become aware.

Be ready to act, to be the hands and feet of Christ. Please know that you are challenged now to use this information to set free the captives. This issue needs to be given light, this issue needs to be addressed.

We need to send this message: this is not ok, this is not acceptable. If you are involved in this terrible tragedy against life and against God, seek help, seek healing, stop abusing children.

We easily find ourselves in cozy Christian bubbles. Maybe this story has intruded into life and caused you to see a wrong and injustice that you can’t ignore. You aren’t made to ignore this injustice. You aren’t made to ignore this abuse.

Stand with the afflicted, protect the downtrodden. And remember the words of Jesus, “It would be better for a millstone to be tied to your neck and then tossed into the sea than to cause one of the least of these to stumble.” And that Jesus came to bring life and life abundantly. He came to set free the captives, to open the eyes of the blind, to heal the sick, to proclaim liberty to captives.

We are the church. We are the body of Christ.


PS. Here is an article describing human trafficking in Michigan

PPS. Here is a series run by Moody Radio on human trafficking