We Will Run

Today, as I was praying at one of the local abortion facilities, I had the song We Will Run by Gungor playing in my head.

It is a beautiful song that really resonates with my heart. Lord, heal our land from abortion. Have mercy and may we turn from our sins and return to you. Heal this world, Father, make all things new! Bring us back to you.

His love and mercy bring us into life. He stands ready to heal us and to restore us.

Create in me a clean heart, a clean heart
For I have turned my face from You
Teach us of Your ways oh God, oh God
For we have turned away from You
Lord have mercy

We will run to you, we will run to you
Turning from our sin we return to You
Father heal your world, make all things new
Make all things new

Your love and mercy build and shape us
Break us and recreate us now
Lord have mercy

Oh, bring us back to you

We Will Run – Gungor