Life is full of opportunities to learn.

I recently received an old iPhone from my employer and in trying to “make it work better” I broke it. Twice. Now it is just a paper weight on my desk. Apart from being a humbling experience (the more I try, the worse it gets), this has made me think about my choices in life.

Our choices in life have consequences and it is always a good idea to think about the choices we make. As Jesus said, “For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?” (Luke 14:28)

We need to take a good look in life at how we are living. From the simple to the complicated, we have choices to make. These choices have consequences.

How are we spending our time, what are we giving our time, energy, and resources to?

Make your tower building experiences count. Whether they are a success or a failure, take them to the Cross and surrender them to Jesus.

If we want to grow in the grace of Christ, we must be willing to learn from life’s lessons. The Holy Spirit gently instructs, powerfully convicts, never abandons us, and leads us to righteousness.


The Cross

At the center of Christian theology, we see the cross of Christ. This cross was outside of the gates in Jerusalem. Yet, the crucifixion of Christ resonates to all who are called to Christ, everywhere in the world. The message was spread from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria, and out to the ends of the earth. We are a part of this story. The ends of the earth have been identified and we live in a time where we are close to reaching the farthest reaches of the globe!


I have realized recently that there are a couple of events that happened in my life recently that not everyone knows about.

On June 11, 2011 my mom’s long battle with cancer ended and now she is not struggling. I got to spend the last few days with her and I was amazed at her determination to glorify God until the end of her life. She opted to not take large medications to ease her pain and sought to pray and seek God until her body could not longer continue. When she couldn’t sit or lay in a position where she could read the bible, she got an audio bible. She kept her mental facilities until the very end, she did a crossword two days before she died!
I was so glad to witness God’s provision and faithfulness in her life. He brought her from spiritual death to life and no one around her doubted his closeness to her.
She was one of my best friends and a selfless mom. I still miss her and want to tell her how my life is going, when I bake bread or make it to work. She cared about me and she prayed for me and I would love for her to be here today but I’m glad that she lived soberly and gave all that she had to Jesus Christ.

I would love for her to be around to celebrate because I just got engaged!

God has blessed me with an amazing fiancee. The last year or so has been an amazing gift from God and I delight in the gift of this relationship.
We haven’t set a date yet but are praying and seeking advice on that right now.

The Substance Belongs to Christ

The substance belongs to Christ. We must bear our crosses and deny ourselves for the lives we lived are dead and we have been raised to Christ, through baptism. Our appeal to God, through Christ, is for a clean conscience. The passions of the flesh wage war against the soul but these passions are but shadows. The substance belongs to Christ. Therefore, having fastened on the whole armor of God, we must stand firm. And our toiling must be done with all of His strength that He wondrously works within us.

We ought to set our minds on Christ, preparing them for actions, with our hope fully in the revelation of Christ, making our minds sober and determined to work good in all circumstances. As Christ’s word dwells richly in us. Let us bear fruit in keeping with righteousness as we abide in the vine. Us in Him and He in us. His Spirit leading and guiding, comforting and counseling, convicting and correcting, empowering and enabling. So that all times God the Father may receive glory through Jesus Christ, the Messiah.