Wednesday, really?

I can’t believe that today is Wednesday! It seems like yesterday was last Wednesday! I really need to start packing and getting ready to trek back to Flint, but for some reason, I can’t find the gumption. Tomorrow at work I am giving a presentation on computers, I hope that all goes well.

Last Monday

I know this might sound funny but today was my last Monday of the work term. Don’t get me wrong, I love Mondays (no sarcasm included). This is just a sign that the term is winding down and soon I will be back at school learning good stuff and paying good money ;).

What a nice weekend!

This was a great weekend! I met Tim Rau’s family, played badminton, went canoeing, played horseshoes, and a lot more. I had a great time (although I got sun burnt). There are a lot of nice people in the Trufant area. I look forward to finishing this upcoming week and go on vacation. I pray that I can do so without any conflicts at work (which might be inevitable due to my back pay situation).

End of the term

Well, work is winding down. I have a presentation to give next week on general computer information (what they are composed of, the differences in brands and types of products). This presentation is up my alley. I am in a good mood, I feel free. I give all the credit to God because my depression lifted during a healing prayer. My goal for the rest of the work term is to be positive and focused on others as much as possible.