Flash Fiction – Episode 1

Stephen did not believe in monsters, at least not real ones. He saw the news stories and read the articles. He was convinced there was no way a lost species of dinosaur ended up in the subway. The reporters must have been really bored. Now he had to deal with Mark, his brother. He could always tell when he was joking but he seemed serious as he told this story:

“I just got off at the 5th Street Station to stop by the store and someone bumped into me and I dropped my phone. It fell down by the tracks. I had to wait forever for the train to leave. As soon as I hopped down to pick it up, I heard a loud chirping noise, like a chipmunk or something. I used my phone light to look around and there it was. Bigger than a dog, one of the subway dinosaurs!” said Mark.

The rain was coming down in grey sheet. Stephen grabbed his camera, flashlight, and rain coat. “I think you’re crazy, let’s go have some fun and see if it’s still there,” said Stephen. “I’m not crazy! You’re the crazy one! There’s a dinosaur in there. It growled and charged at me before I ran out of the station.” said Mark “I’ve read way to many ridiculous stories to just ignore it. I’ll write one of my own, ‘Local resident finds new species of sewer rat.’ If you’re right we should help the local science department study a living relic.” said Stephen. “This is no time to joke, that thing could tear you to shreds!” said Mark. “Are you coming or not?” said Stephen. “I can’t let you walk to your death.” said Mark.

It took ten minutes to walk to the station. No one was there, Mark had been on the last train of the night. The only sound they could hear was the dripping of water further down the track. They heard a rumble of thunder and all of the lights flickered and failed. Stephen barely had time to turn on his torch when the chirping started. “Ohh, this is spooky fun now, I hope your not too scared Marky.” said Stephen. “Oh shut up.” said Mark. They hopped down to the rail and started walking toward the noises.

It was worse than he could have imagined. He didn’t expect the lights to go out or for his brother to complain so much. The chirping, growling, and shuffling in the distance was eerie. The dark, dripping tunnel made matters worse. Stephen was really starting to get scared. He kept those thoughts to himself and kept trudging on. “It sounds like they just keep getting further away.” said Mark. “You can go home whenever you want.” said Stephen.

They walked for a few minutes before the found the footprints in the mud. There was no doubt now, they were tracking a large reptile. The tracks looked like webbed feet and were spaced over a foot apart. “Bigger than a dog indeed.” thought Stephen and he said, “I have to admit, this is not what I expected. These aren’t rat tracks.”

“I told you what I saw. I’m going to call the police.” said Mark. He took out his phone and realized there was no reception in the tunnel.  “Stephen, I have a really bad feeling about this. Look at those prints, they are huge. My phone doesn’t have any reception.” said Mark.

“Mark, you’re always so scared. I took some pictures, now let’s keep going.” said Stephen.

“No, I’m not going a step further, I am going back to call the police. This is stupid, you’re stupid, and I don’t want to be a dinosaur’s dinner.” said Mark.

“What, are you scared that we’ll end up as another missing person horror story in the papers?” said Stephen.

“Yes, I’m out of here.” said Mark.

“You twit, the writers and news anchors just sensationalize everything, I bet these are peacef…” but Stephen was stopped when a rumbling roar erupted right beside them. The ground shook and before Stephen knew it, he didn’t feel the ground anymore. His head got light and his side started to hurt. He didn’t know what was happening when his body lurched back to reality as he smashed into the tunnel wall. He fell on his stomach. He came to in pitch black. The chirping swelled to a tumultuous roar that filled his every thought and made his aching head pound. Sharp teeth tore into his leg and ripped him away from the tunnel wall. A hard object kept hitting his back.

“Stephen, Stephen, wake up! You’re never going to believe this. I just got off at the 5th Street Station to stop by the store…”

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