my life is empty, shallow, vain

if it doesn’t pour, it won’t rain

such a struggle, to walk through today

all toil, work even play

where is the moon if the sun doesn’t rise

nothing but darkness to my eyes

me, mine, my, forever the tune

sounds like the anthem of my doom

filth and dirt no water can touch

is my third arm just a crutch

can’t see my feet, start or end

broken, in a while, none to mend

This is an allegorical poem to highlight the despair of life without Jesus. We are all broken, filthy and blind. We are lost and dieing. there is no hope.

But one day, we feel his strong arms and voice, we see his glorious light. He lifts us out of our selfish, sinful pit of death. He takes us in his arms. He washes us clean. He makes us new. He gives us sight. Jesus sets us free. Jesus gives us life.

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