The Fourth of July makes me think of freedom and independence. The day that the USA decided that tyranny from a foreign power was going to end. When we stepped out from under the shadow to stand on our feet.

However, today has much more significance to me as a reminder that I was once hopelessly enslaved to the Prince of this world. He had me enslaved and subjected to his tyranny. I was blind and dead. I had no hope in this world. As a child of wrath, the only thing coming was the judgment of God.

But thanks be Christ Jesus, for he took my punishment upon himself. He transferred me from the domain of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. He tasted the death that was mine and bore the wrath of the Father upon himself. Truly one set free by the Son is free indeed.

Truly each new day is a day of independence. Each day is a chance to be thankful and joyous that though I was blind yet now I see. Though I was dead, I have been raised to newness of life. Though I was a child of wrath, now I am a child of the King..

Today is a great day to realize that we can step out of the shadow of sin and death, that we can stand on our feet with the power of Christ. His Cross has bought us life and his life is why we live.

Let us celebrate that life in Christ. Let us also remember that in this life, we are surrounded by casualties and captives. Let us proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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